NAME: Fembot Ashley 3000

FemBot Ashley 3000
  • Full Name:

    Ashley 3000

  • Date Of Manufacture:


  • FemBot Mission:

    FemBot Clone of Dr. Fires To Do Her Will.

  • Friends and Adversaries:

    Angela · Sonya

Her Story:

Unsatisfied with the current HRX project Dr. Fires has started her own experimental Fembot division. Creating her own HRX, the Ashley 3000 is far more advanced then any of the past HRX’s. Concerned with the purpose for the creation of the HRX-S line and the treatment of the Fembots Dr. Fires felt compelled to build her own excogitation without corporate or government interference. She always loved her work and had a vision of a world where robots interacted with humans sexually. Hence, Ashley 300 was created in her image.