NAME: Dr. Ashley Fires

FemBot designer Dr. Ashley Fires
  • Full Name:

    Dr. Ashley Fires

  • Age:


  • Objective:

    Mad Scientist Fembot Designer.

  • Friends and Adversaries:

    Ashley 3000 · Violet

About Her:

Dr. Fires is a leading scientist in the field of Robotics and Applied Android Development. She always loved her work and had a vision of a world where robots interacted with humans sexually. Once the head scientist for the HRX Corporation but left when the government tried to weaponize her creations. Dr. Fires has started her own experimental Android division. Creating her own HRX (Humanoid Robotic Experiments) model, the Ashley 3000 is far more advanced then any of the past HRX's. She is the very first fully functioning Sex Android. Build with for the sole purpose of providing pleasure the ASHLEY 3000 will be able to satisfy any humans sexual fantasy.