NAME: HRX Sex Surrogate Droid 1

HRX Surrogate Sex Robot 1
  • Full Name:

    RRX Sexual Surrogate 1

  • Date Of Manufacture:


  • FemBot Mission:

    Sexual Surrogate Services

  • Friends and Adversaries:

    Angela · Rent-A-FriendBot

Her Story:

HRX Surrogate 1 is a brand new prototype. This android has 2 modes. In Surrogate mode, humans and other robots may control them. In Autonomous mode, they are able to function like any other HRX model. HRX Surrogate 1 stands frozen, motionless. Sonja enters and switches her on and commands her to enter Autonomous mode.
HRX Surrogate 1 greets her master and inquires how she may pleasure her this morning. Sonja explains that she is a robot as well and not her master.