NAME:FemBot HRX-0073 Titan

FemBot HRX-0073 Titan
  • Full Name:

    FemBot HRX-0073 Titan

  • Date Of Manufacture:


  • FemBot Mission:

    Fembot Built For Aggression and Warfare

  • Friends and Adversaries:

    Dr. Fires · Sonya

Her Story:

Bigger, Stronger, and more Powerful was the motto of the Government's new Top Secret project named “TITAN” The HRX team has learned from their spy of Dr. Fires latest creation, the Ashley 3000 and its capabilities. Fearful that the Ashley 3000 may overtake any of their current HRX models. The Government decided that they must speed up the progress of project Titan so that it can seek out and destroy the Ashley 3000. HRX-0073 has been built for strength and aggression, but because of the sped up process the scientists have not work out a lot the bugs. The software and hardware have been scavenged from various other projects and they are unsure of how it will all work together.