NAME: FemBot Lab Tech Sonya

FemBot Sonya
  • Full Name:

    FemBot Sonya - Senior Lab Technician

  • Date Of Manufacture:


  • FemBot Mission:

    Technical Fembot programmed for lab work.

  • Friends and Adversaries:

    Angela · Dr. Fires

Her Story:

While Violet searches for Ashley 3000 the alarm is sounded and the HRX lab is on high alert. Knowing Violet is on the hunt for Ashley 3000 they quickly have her evacuated out of the building in the middle of her programming. Dr. Pierce orders head lab technician and FemBot Sonya to close her C-Panel and take Ashley to a safe house and wait for the all clear. They safely arrive at the house and Sonya tells Ashley that its been a long day and she should begin her power down sequence. Sonya leaves and Ashley scans the room. She locates a device that will help her power down. She turns it on and starts to explore her body with the device. She puts in on her pussy and her orgasms start.