NAME: Helix 900

FemBot Helix 900
  • Full Name:

    Helix 900

  • Date Of Manufacture:


  • Fembot Mission:

    “My main objective is to please my Master”

  • Friends and Adversaries:

    BondageBot · Ashley 3000

Her Story:

It’s never a dull moment at the HRX Corporation! Dr. Pierce and Honeycutt thought it would be another routine day of having sex with robots when they got the call. One of the HRX flagship Fembots - the Helix 900 - model had suffered severe water damage and the client was very upset since it was supposed to be water proof. But as Dr. Pierce explains she may be able to get wet but she can not have sex in the water. So the good doctors went to work on her and were determined to bring back to life with upgrades that would surely make the client satisfied.